Wachovia Student Loans Consolidation - Can This Really Save You Money Each Month ?

The volatile economy causes it to be even more important for borrowers these days to consider ways that can help them pay off their own debt, but will enable them to have sufficient cash for other expenses. The Wachovia Student Loans Consolidation can offer that service that provides better payment terms and much more savings from loan payments.

Wachovia, one of the highly respected providers on the market today, has a diverse portfolio of products and services which range from personal investments to wealth management. It also provides services aimed at borrowers who have multiple federal student loans and may wish to bundle them into a single loan in order to avail of numerous benefits that fit these financial needs.

The advantages of consolidation potentially include paying lower monthly payments along with a lock in on a low fixed interest rate for that life of the loan.

What Is Involved In Consolidating Your Student education loans?

Consolidating student loans involves combining all federal student loans the borrower has incurred to cover the cost of education into a single mortgage, which essentially results to just one monthly repayment. This reduces the hassle of making separate payments for that multiple loans every month.

The borrower can also avail of lower rates as consolidated loans are susceptible to fixed interest rates based on weighted average from the combined loans -- but not to exceed 8. 25 percent. That could translate to more savings as it might slash monthly loan payments by up to 50 percent.

Is There A Minimum Amount I Have In order to Refinance?

Wachovia's terms might slightly vary with other providers because of market competition, but generally, the requirements are exactly the same. It requires a minimum of $10, 000 debt to be eligible for a consolidation and borrowers who have defaulted on their loans cannot avail from the service.

Borrowers are no longer subject to extra credit checks. Students who were still enrolled through the time they submitted their application for consolidation prior to July 1, 2006 were able to qualify. Beyond that date means only anyone who has dropped before half-time enrollment and those who have graduated college are just qualified. Married individuals may no longer jointly combine their federally sponsored loans beyond this date too.

How Many People Have Used Government Funding To assist Finance Their Education?

The federal government has provided funding to approximately 60 million students in the usa to finance their college education since 1965 with the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) plan. Recent changes however, have required all student financial loans beyond July 1, 2010 be done through immediate lending program.

By consolidating their loans through Wachovia Student education loans Consolidation, borrowers may take advantage of lower prices and flexible payment terms, which could provide them some relief and much more control of their hard-earned cash in these violent times.
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