Get financial advice straight from the horse’s mouth

There are many thousands of people out there who purport to be experts in financial planning. They’re always ready to share their pearls of wisdom with you for a fee (whether from you or the product providers whose wares they are selling you).
Some of these people are very much worth their salt. But the vast majority aren’t.

The truth is that you probably know most of what you need to know about financial planning. If you’re reasonably good at managing your personal accounts and household affairs, and you live within your means etc. – why would you seek expensive professional advice from others?

In a word – the answer is down to complexity.

The financial world is made a very complex place by those who work in it because it serves their purpose very well. The more you feel bamboozled and a little frightened about wisely investing your hard-earned, the more you’re likely to seek out professional advice.

Now let’s be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going for this advice; just be careful who you go to – have a look at their track record and make sure you understand the fee structure of anything you’re investing in.

Alternatively, do your own research via the web. There’s an absolute world of advice out there freely given from real people who’ve been there and done it for themselves – making real, high level decisions in the financial world – and staking their own real money in so doing. And they very often give free advice.

You could check out reviews and opinion sites on the web, such as the David Lichtenstein blog, to acquire hints or tips. Or you can look to the wealthiest of businessmen, like Warren Buffett, to boost your understanding of high-end financial dealings. There’s so much information out there that it seems foolish to jump straight in and pay for something you don’t fully understand.

Remember, if you don’t really understand it – just say no and finds something you do get! If you can manage your own affairs properly in everyday life – you are very probably the best financial adviser for you!
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